Welcome to the Bethel Men's Ministry

Under the leadership of John Bain and Dr. Green, the Men’s Ministry has defined initiatives!

We are men who want to be in Discipleship. Through small group studies (D3) and other created events we are a part of, we create a space and a place for me to be ministered to. We want the Men’s Ministry of Bethel to branch out into every area we can to see spiritual growth in our church.

We focus on the essential elements of manhood (knowing who we are, building relationships from the core so that everyone feels known, being uniquely purposeful in the activities and events that we do, and we are challenged daily to be men of vision to see God do in us what He desires.

One of our gravitating desires is to discover Jesus Christ for ourselves. Whether the men in this ministry are just coming to know Jesus Christ or they have known Him for some time, we taking all the steps necessary to see them all grow in Jesus Christ.

At the same time, we intentionally strive to build relationships with Jesus Christ and with each other. As part of our mission/vision for the church, we CONVERGE with God and CONNECT with each other on a daily basis. This is one of the toughest initiatives we have, but we still do our best to build quality, strong, and lasting relationships.

Having strong discipleship applications (D3 and alternate groups), are applications we use to strengthen our relationships with each other and also to encourage other men who come to Bethel as they serve Jesus Christ in our church.

Finally, we love to meet and to eat (sometimes called fellowship!) Meeting and fellowship are the easy things to do and when we have time, this gives each man encouragement and also engagement in the ministry to men as we apply kingdom principles in serving, leading, and applying Men’s Ministry leadership for the spiritual purposes of our ministry.

To contact us, email us at [email protected] or [email protected] We’ll get back with you!

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