Dr. Johnny Green

Lead Pastor

Hello to you all!   I’m Johnny Green and I proudly serve as the Lead Pastor and Chief Executive Officer (just means I got a lot of work to do) of this wonderful ministry, Bethel Ministries, Inc.  My wife Alice (the one who keeps me straight) and I have served together both in the military and here at Bethel. We grew up together (she’s a country girl and I’m a city boy) and both love what we do in ministry.   

A little about me … I’m number three of eight children,  born in Thomasville, Georgia, and I’ve been married to Alice over 40 years! (Keep me in your prayers!)  We have daughters; Chanell (husband Jessie) and Kimberly (husband Dan) and 4 of the most absolutely awesome grandchildren in the world (Joshua, Ashley, Sophia, and Peyton)!    

I am ordained minister with the Assemblies of God and an honorably retired member of the United States Air Force.   

Academically, I have earned a Doctorate Degree (Biblical Studies) from Masters International University of Divinity, Evansville, IN, and I still search out for other learning opportunities to better serve this great ministry.    

One thing about me, I really love sports!  In my off time, I like family outings, traveling, golfing, bowling, and of the most importance to me, watching my beloved Dallas Cowboys play football (especially against any team in their division.)  

Lastly, I’m so blessed to have this opportunity to teach, train, mentor, love, and shepherd God’s people.  In a nutshell, this is who I am (100% loving what I do!)  My hope is that one day, you and I will get the chance to meet and tell wonderful stories about who we are.  God bless you and now that Jesus loves you very much – so do I!