Mike Helmick

Worship Director
Hello, and welcome to Bethel! My name is Mike Helmick. I am the Worship Director here at Bethel Ministries. My wife’s name is Eva. We have been married for 18 years. We have two children; they are named David and Kaia. I have been serving in ministry for over 20yrs. In that time, I have been a Youth Pastor, and a Worship and Tech Pastor for the most part.  I have worked in several fields in my life. I have served in the military, I have been a heavy equipment operator, a laborer, a videographer, editor, an MMA instructor and an odds and ins worker, but nothing beats ministry.
There is nothing like watching someone meet Jesus, truly seeing who He is and watching real change happening in their lives. There is something about being the difference people need by serving them that drives me to being who I am. Not to mention I get paid to play music. Ministry has a great many benefits, and I am honored to share Christ with anyone I can.