Worship at Bethel

We believe here at Bethel that worship is part of our core mission and vision! As the Worship Arts Team we desire to help you converge with God in your church home and in your real world experiences! We seek Jesus with all our heart, mind, soul and strength; and declare His truth and love through the creative gifts and talents given to us by that same God we seek! We desire to lead and aid you in excellent, authentic, purpose-driven worship! Join in worship with us!

Our worship team is a melting pot of styles and people to create a sound for our church and community! The worship team consists of typical, modern instruments like drums, bass, guitars, keyboards, and with a variety of unique vocalists. We desire to create authentic and excellent times of corporate worship so you can best encounter Christ through the presence of the Holy Spirit.


Our Production Team is a group of fantastic volunteers with the heart and talent of professionals! We strive to produce excellent worship experiences through live production and media. Our aim is to aid in your worship experience by making the technology smooth, simple and sensational. We believe turning that piano part up, having that spotlight at the right moment, or making sure you can hear and see the message can help change a heart for God.

"A picture is worth a thousand words.” That phrase has been in existence for decades. When we think about it, what do our pictures say? What do our videos convey? We desire that those mediums portray the timeless message of the Gospel and the love of the Father. We desire to make sure that everything you see, every picture take, video produced and design uploaded for your eyes to see has purpose, meaning and quality. We love film, photography and design and we as the Thousand Words team will be using this art form for the glory of God and the message of Jesus.

Photo Albums

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